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ONE Boulder Fitness is a traditional gym located in the heart of Broadway St, Boulder, CO, USA. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals through personalized workout plans and a supportive community. We provide everything you need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Julia Codling

    Personal Trainer

    Growing up, Julia played field hockey and ran track, where she developed her passion for fitness. When she stopped playing sports, she realized how important physical activity had been for her mental health, body image, and overall confidence. To fill this void, Julia began to lift weights and fell in love with the gym. Now, she has turned her passion for fitness into her job by getting her NASM personal training certification, in hopes of helping others also feel healthier, stronger and more confident by focusing on strength and muscle growth.

    Now, she is building a new career as a NASM certified personal trainer with the hopes of inspiring others to feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. She focuses on strength and muscle growth through resistance training, in order to teach her clients to be healthy for life.

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Andre Donato

    Personal Trainer

    Growing up in Colorado his whole life, Andre was raised knowing the value of a good education, a strong work ethic, and the importance of altruism/integrity. He believes in the fundamental principles of kindness, compassion and the law of attraction. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Andre worked as a paralegal for the California Northern District Courts, working on a wide variety of cases. Not fully satisfied with the legal pursuit, he was drawn to the world of fitness and health. As an avid mental health advocate and supporter of those who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction and other health issues, Andre understands the importance of exercise and how it will help people that struggle with physical and/or mental health. When not training, Andre loves traveling to Puerto Vallarta, hiking Chautauqua with his dog and going to live shows at Red Rocks. After searching for his calling in life, he has found inner-peace and now calls One Boulder Fitness “home.”

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, BA in Sociology and English Literature

  • Cara Hoving

    Personal Trainer

    When Cara's not at the gym training you can find her enjoying every aspect of the Colorado's outdoors. From paddleboarding, wakeboarding, or snowboarding, tennis, basketball, or soccer. You name it. She has a nutrition degree from Bradley University, where she played Div 1 basketball. With cara's wide variety of athletic background, you'll never be bored and always learning new movements to help you with your training goals.

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist; Certified Kettlebell, TRX, TRX RIP & Youth Exercise Specialist

  • Karie Kerner

    Personal Trainer & Owner

    Over the past 20 years, Karie has had the pleasure to personally train and work as a trainer at One Boulder Fitness. Now, with great pride, she is one of the owners of "the sweet club." As an opera singer, she studied and trained with previuos One Boulder Fitness owner, Glen Marshman, a former body builder. Through her love of training and teaching, she finds an immense joy from the learning that happens not only for herself, but for her clients. "A tremendous gift!" Being a trainer on the floor 30+ hours a week, she feels that as a teacher/trainer, it is her job to help her students/clients find awareness and repair those athletic/physical expressions that have "lost their creativity." To achieve this, Karie believes strongly in moving and loading your muscles with ease, keeping the mind/body connection strong and learning to foster those creative pathways through all planes of movement. "We are our own wisest master."

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION: 15 Years Study; Feldenkrais Master, Cici Runge, B.M Master of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

  • Jesse Levine-Spound

    Personal Trainer

    Jesse is a Musician/singer-songwriter and former college soccer player from New York City. He attended Berklee College of Music before moving back to New York to work as a professional songwriter and soccer coach. Deeply passionate about fitness and teaching from a young age, Jesse love working with people to actualize their potential and improve their confidence and quality of life. Jesse has a history of working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels from athletes to fitness newcomers, each with their own unique goals. His specialties include strength building, injury prevention and recovery, and athletic agility training all with a mind-body approach.

    CREDENTIALS: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Functional Training & Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Joe Robbins

    Personal Trainer

    Hailing from the UK, Joe spent his early life through his mid-twenties immersed in the music scene, as both a touring musician and music teacher. He began lifting at the age of 17 and quickly became hooked. He focused on learning compound movements and working on isolation movements, whilst focusing on progressive overload. Hitting a plateau with physique goals, his gaze shifted to building strength. He spent the next few years engaging with numerous strength programming approaches. After struggling with a celiac disease diagnosis in 2020, he was determined to prove this would not take away his ability to continue strength training and so focused on educating himself about autoimmune disease and nutrition. Joe is now a competitive powerlifter and firm believer in the long term physical and mental health benefits strength training can provide. His personal journey with celiac disease has made him a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. His training philosophy focuses on barbell movements with an emphasis on proper technique, effective programming, consistency, and recovery, with the aim of achieving long-term success.

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Post-Graduate Certificate in

    Education. BA in Professional Musicianship

  • Tammy Saurette

    Personal Trainer & Group Fitness

    As an athlete and fitness professional for more than 25 years, Tammy believes health is essential to one's freedom to enjoy life. We are all responsible for our own health and wellbeing. She strives to make every workout fun, challenging and effective. her passion to explore mindfulness in movement, while assisting her clients to reach their fitness goals with innovative, balanced, and healthy lifestyle changes. Her specialities include resistance training, weight loss, core stability, increased balance and proprioception, injury + pre/post-surgery rehabilitation and increased flexibility. Yoga therapy, private/group instruction and mindful fitness for cancer survivors are also an important part of her practice.

    CREDENTIALS: AFAA Certified Personal Trainer * Group Fitness Instructor, BOSU Certified Group Instructor/Teacher, TRX Level 1 Certified, Yoga Teacher Training at Naropa University, Reiki 1 Certified

  • Mike Spathanas

    Personal Trainer

    Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Mike has been involved in health and fitness from a young age. After playing basketball and lacrosse in school, Mike chose to go into the military, where he started working as an EMT, which he has been doing for over six years. After leaving the military, he decided he wanted to seek out another avenue in the healthcare realm, which turned him onto personal training. While pursuing his training certification, he decided to come to the University of Colorado, where he is currently working towards a journalism degree. Now, having received his certification from NASM, Mike is extra motivated to improve himself, drawing inspiration from the disciplined approach of his military training and infusing his workouts with a sense of structure and determination, focusing mainly on compound lifting with related supplemental exercises. When not focused on his training or his schooling, you can find Mike enjoying the Colorado outdoors, either hiking, skiing, or just enjoying time with his cat, Oscar.

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Tim Sroka

    Personal Trainer

    Tim thoroughly believes that fitness is not something to be overlooked. As a former Penn State college baseball player, he understands what it takes to increase and maintain sustained performance. He finds inspiration in the countless coaches and coaching styles he has been around his whole life, and enjoys the puzzle of adjusting workouts to a person's physiology and background. Realizing the importance of fitness and nutrition on mental health and overall well-being, and finding a passion for teaching it to others, he decided to make a career change with personal training certification through NASM, in addition to relocating from NY to Boulder. Outside of training, he enjoys woodworking, baseball, golf, and Nittany Lion football

    CREDENTIALS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, BS in Economics

  • Emily Copeland, MPH, RD

    Registered Dietitian

    Emily is a resident registered dietitian (RD) at One Boulder Fitness. She brings more than a decade of experience coaching clients of all ages and backgrounds as an ACE-certified personal trainer. She followed her love of nutrition to earn her Masters of Public Health (MPH) in Nutrition at the University of Michigan in 2020 before returning back home to her Colorado roots.

    In 2021, Emily founded ActivEnergy Nutrition to provide practical and personalized nutrition services that support active lifestyles through a whole foods, plant-forward, all-foods-fit approach. She works in partnership with her clients to equip them with evidenced-based guidance and flexible strategies so they can perform better, age healthfully, plan meals practically, and achieve a better relationship with food. Outside of her work, she loves all foods, baking, hiking, skiing, and cycling.

    CREDENTIALS: Masters of Public Health in Nutrition, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE Certified Senoir Fitness Specialist

  • Dr. Emma Stevenson

    Physical Therapist & Owner of Atomic Physical Therapy

    Dr. Emma is a resident physical therapist at One Boulder Fitness. Stemming from her days as a NCAA Division 1 gymnast at the University of Iowa, Dr. Emma has worked at the highest level of sports medicine, from endurance athletes and collegiate gymnasts, to Broadway performers and international dancers.

    In 2022, Dr. Emma opened Atomic PT to provide advanced physical therapy treatments and rehabilitation services tailored to the specific needs of active individuals and athletes pursuing outdoor activities. As an outdoor enthusiast herself, Dr. Emma is hugely passionate about helping the active Boulder community accomplish their goals and keep doing what they love.

    CREDENTIALS: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dry Needling Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Bucky

    Team Cheerleader

    Bucky is a professional trainer dog whose one-of-a-kind training regiment is proven to leave you feeling energetic, happy, and less stressed. Bucky's specialties include: cultivating unique sleeping positions to increase flexibility and encourage belly rubs; stamina training to ensure maximum potential for zoomies around the house (right turns preferred!); and the art of pre- and post-workout snacks. The workout is for you, the snacks are for her.

    CREDENTIALS: Dogtorate in Anthropawlogy

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